Squishy Beanies

Ty's Squishy Beanies are cuddly plush toys made of soft, cozy fabric. These huggable stuffed animals are available in mini (4"), medium (10"), and large (14") sizes.

Beanie Boos

Ty's Beanie Boos are bright, wide-eyed, adorable little plushies. These big-eyed stuffed animals are available in regular (6"), medium (13"), and large (16") sizes.


Puffies are tossable, huggable, fun little balls of plush fluff. These whimsical ball stuffed animals are ready to brighten your day.

Beanie Babies

Ty's Beanie Babies are our iconic, original plush animals. These classic stuffed toy animals are available in regular (8"), medium (13"), and large (16") sizes.

Since its inception in 1986, Ty has provided joy and cherished memories to generations through the world of stuffed animals. Ty has been the heart and soul behind the beloved Beanie Babies for over three decades, crafting each plush toy with enchantment and a dash of love for all ages. In more recent years, Beanie Boos have become a popular addition, bringing their bold charm and style to the Ty family. These plushies, with their big, sparkling eyes and the iconic heart-shaped Ty logo, beckon to admirers with a promise of smiles and a sprinkle of nostalgia.

Join us here at the official Ty Store, where every stuffed animal plush toy tells a story, waiting to be a part of your journey. With free US ground shipping, you can conveniently dive into a world where plush stuffed animals are not just gifts but collectible treasures. Whether it's nostalgic '90s toys you're after, a cuddly beanie bundle to share with friends, or a lovable stuffed animal to adore for years to come, choose Ty, the world’s largest manufacturer of stuffed soft toys.